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I'm looking for some materials on current usage of token-ring network?

Is there any token-ring device in the market? If there is, what are the names?

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You can still buy gear from Madge, but the IEEE site says the 802.5 working group is in hibernation. The last time I saw it in the wild was around 2001 or 2002.

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"in the wild" [chuckle] – squillman Oct 21 '09 at 13:52

A quick search yields this:

It looks as though there are still token ring adapters out there. I'm actually quite surprised. It's even XP and 2003 certified!

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Are you looking for any examples of a Ring Topology? I believe you can still find FDDI being used in a few places.

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The short answer is "it's dead".

There's a whole bunch of places where there's a little bit of legacy gear that uses it, but it, along with FDDI are dead tech.

(Frame Relay is fast approaching, but ATM is hanging in there)

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Why would you want to use it? It has a bunch of annoying failure modes and cheap fast Ethernet hardware is widely available.

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