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I'm trying to run multiple Resin 4 service instances on a Windows Server 2003 box which means each service name must be unique so I can determine which one of the many that I need to start/stop or restart when changes occur.

According to the Resin 4 docs ( a service can be uniquely named with a flag -install-as {service name}: C:\Resin\resin.exe -install-as ResinA

Unfortunately, the service name always appears as "Resin Web Server" regardless of what you replace "ResinA" with. So I end up with several "Resin Web Server" instances and have to view the properties of each to see what arguments were passed in.

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You can change a service's display name in regedit by going to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services, locating the service you want to change, and adjusting the DisplayName value. You may need to reboot for this to take effect. (Clicky)

Beware of this however: there may be other settings contained in ini or cfg files associated with the service that also contain a display name which needs to be the same, and - if you're really unlucky - an executable associated with your service may have the name hardcoded in. From the sound of things your services will play nice with the latter, but I would definitely advise checking the former.

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In Tomcat (I know, not same thing, but they set up similarly) it's originally set up via a batch file, and you set service name and display name separately, like below:

-set SERVICE_NAME=Tomcat5 -set PR_DISPLAYNAME=Apache Tomcat

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