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How do I setup subversion as forked process using ubuntu server 9.10 and subversion 1.6?

I've tried svnserve -i but the svnbook says this is wrong.

I followed the svnbook which told me to tell me


svn           3690/tcp   # Subversion
svn           3690/udp   # Subversion


svn stream tcp nowait svnowner /usr/bin/svnserve svnserve -i

but no svnserve process gets started ??????? th Any help would be greatly appriciated. Very confused!!!

I was told forked processes are safer since they will finish off before subversion quits

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Or "Why don't I see deamon processes when I've setup inetd to run the process on demand?" – reconbot Oct 20 '09 at 21:29
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You won't see a svnserve process using inetd until a connection is made to SVN at port 3690.

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