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Can anyone recommend a good third party service that can notify you when your webserver is down?

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and similar to this SU q -… – warren Oct 21 '09 at 5:42… – warren Oct 21 '09 at 5:43
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I signed up for a Pingdom account a few days ago for a new site, and have found it to be really good. I signed up for their "Basic" Account, which includes 5 checks, 20 SMS alerts (could be higher) and unlimited emails for $9.95/month. I haven't been able to test how effective it is at alerting me when the server is down, as I have luckily not had any downtime on my site.

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+1. We rely on Pingdom for monitoring a pretty high-profile web site. It never let us down. – Max Alginin Oct 21 '09 at 6:08

Here is simple service:

Down Notifier

1) it's free! 2) it's easy to start (10 seconds to subscribe to notification) 3) it's really easy! no need to register.

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AlertFox offers web monitoring plus web transaction monitoring. It runs the tests in real IE and Firefoxm, and you receive a screenshot of the site when an error is detected - very useful. It proved useful to convince our sys admin that there was indeed an error on "his" server (php update bug) :D

share|improve this answer for example, but usually these are not for free. Actually if somebody can recommend a free solution i am also interested.

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I use Watchmouse. It costs about $50 a month to monitor 2 IP addresses.

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Montastic gives you some very basic but free monitoring.

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