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Ok I know that the OS and exchange versions have to be the same (Im not sure on the hardware) hence reason for this question to save quite a bit of time. Is it possible, using something like GHOST or Acronis, to image and replicate the setup and transfer it onto a new server so that the implementation of SCR is quicker? Cheers

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Why bother? Installing Exchange 2007 is fairly quick and easy, and the lion's share of the configuration information is stored in Active Directory anyway.

Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned, but I'm distrustful of disk-duplicated server computers, unless such disk duplication is part of a deployment / provisioning strategy and is based on disk-dupes of clean OS loads (decanting a WIM file that has had SYSPREP run on it, etc). Disk-duping machines with already-installed application software, like Exchange, gives me the willies.

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Agreed, not worth the trouble. – djhowell Oct 21 '09 at 13:23

Exchange has an unattended setup (look at /?) which you can use to automate the setup - really pretty easy. If you want the rest automated, the PowerShell scripts aren't that bad.

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