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I have a query that is generating further queries, things like this:

select 'exec uspd_thing "'||name||'"'
from sometable

Which produces this :

exec uspd_thing "name1"
exec uspd_thing "name2"

But isql requires a 'go' statement after each statement.

There is an option to change the command terminator (-c) but the new terminator still needs to appear on the same line.

Any suggestions/tips on how to do this kind of thing... I guess I could post-process the results to add the 'go' lines...

Thanks, Chris

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AFAIK ISQL doesn't always need a go (or a ";", which will equally serve as a terminator. T-SQL commands may be allocated on consecutive lines without separator, the parser will handle that.

R. Pods

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Try adding the go in the result:

select 'exec uspd_thing "'||name||'"'||char(10)||'go'||char(10)
from sometable
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The post-process option via awk is as follows:

awk '{print $0}; /exec / {print "go"}'
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