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I am running an Active directory and I need to specifically restrict downloads to some users while being able to surf the web... Is there a tool to do this?

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Setting up a proxy is the ideal solution. Be sure to document what you do and do not allow. If you need a web filtering solution (rather than dealing with your own access lists), there are many commercial products available.

And if you're going to install a proxy, be sure that it's not possible to browse the outside Web without it. Users can be tricky sometimes. :)

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try untangle. It's open source but requires a separate PC to run. There is also OpenDNS. Before you start blocking you should put in place a company policy and notify your employees accordingly. Once a policy is defined then start blocking as per the policy.

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Set up a proxy that's smart enough to do it and send all web traffic to it.

One example would be Squid with ntlm_auth and some custom ACLs.

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