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I have setup a receiving Postfix mail server. Here i have custom code written that parses the whole mail received by postfix and use the headers, body and attachments separately for different uses.

I have currently added SPF and DKIM checks in postfix that result in appending of their results in the mail header to indicate about the character of the mail.

Also i am planning to implement postfix anti-UCE features using DNS based Real time black hole lists (DNSRBL), for this i have added the following:

'smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_rbl_client, reject_rbl_client'

in my Postfix's file.

My question is, how can I append the results of this check inside the mail headers that are being received?

Thanks in advance!!!


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Could you extend your custom parsing to programatically query the RBL in question and then handle the response? i.e., pass the sending address to the RBL, get response, add X- header.

You'd probably want to turn off the smtpd_recipient restrictions if you did this just to reduce the number of hits against the RBL servers.

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