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I have a problem while sending email as root from Debian machine. In exim panic log appears message:

2009-10-23 10:56:24 1N1Fwd-0001v5-Kh User 0 set for my_local_delivery_transport transport is on the fixed_never_users list

I've added to /etc/aliases:

root: contact@external.domain

But problem still persist.

Have somebody faced with type of issue?


a) It works with sudo:

sudo -u user mail -s test

b) It works with aliases (I forgot to issue newaliases command, thanks blank3)

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After editing /etc/aliases you have to run newaliases command. – blank3 Oct 23 '09 at 11:15
Just FYI: It's generally considered bad style to do "regular stuff" (read manpages, send mail) as root. You can use a regular account, and just su/sudo to root when needed. But of course sending mail as root should work anyway. – sleske Oct 23 '09 at 12:39
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Could you use su or sudo to send the mail as another user?

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Thanks for pointing me in. It works with sudo: sudo -u user mail -s test – Deem3n Oct 23 '09 at 12:29
Great. It's safer that way also. – Josh Oct 23 '09 at 12:38

Due to security concerns Exim4 will not send mail as root by default Search your config for "fixed_never_users" and remove root from the list or su/sudo to a non-privileged user when sending mail.

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Seems that list of users that it specifies is built into the binary, and cannot be changed – Deem3n Oct 23 '09 at 11:02

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