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I have a Linux server fedora core 4 .Now I want to remotely access the graphical mode of that Linux server from my local windows pc. How can I do that? [ Pls suggest me except freenx, vnc server]. Pls help me to do it easily.

Thanks in advance riad

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Don't you think it's time to upgrade? FC4 has been out of support for 4 years. Fedora 11 is free. – niXar Oct 24 '09 at 11:51

I like Xming. It's an X Window Server that runs on Microsoft Windows.

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This combined with putty X11 forwarding over SSH is an excellent solution, and one that doesn't cause my servers to waste time running a GUI – LapTop006 Oct 28 '09 at 11:38

Run a VNC server on your Fedora box, and connect using TightVNC from your windows box. Or, you can use a remote desktop server on Fedora, and connect from a Windows Remote Desktop client.

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