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Does anyone know of an inexpensive CDN which offers origin/pull services?

I've looked into Cachefly, they look great but don't provide this service for less than $1k unfornuately.

If you know of an inexpensive CDN which provides these services and are reliable, that would be great.

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Amazon CloudFront now has custom-origin ability so it's no longer tied directly to an Amazon S3 bucket, although logging storage must be a S3 bucket. The only obstacle at the moment is you cannot create the custom-origin distribution via the AWS console yet.

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Check out

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I've not used their CDN myself, but have adminned boxes from there. The CDN they have looks pretty good, and from very little money. – Alister Bulman Oct 24 '09 at 18:12

I've been using and you can't get cheaper...

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I've used Edgecast before, and it was considerably less than $1k.

They do origin pull, and lots of other stuff.

No, i don't work for them.

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Voxel is charging $0.10/GB

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You might want to give CDN a try:

According to their wiki they support "Origin Pull".

  • I don't work for them
  • I haven't used their service

but their pricing looks very competitive.

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