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I would like to know how you might achieve this look with Apache's Indexing?? Is there a module I can get?

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I believe thats how Firefox displays FTP directories. It has nothing to do with Apache.

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Thanks for the info. – Scott Oct 26 '09 at 2:08

You can if you ask the directory listing wigh beautiful icons. If you want, users reach you by http://ftp.domain.tld

You can add this parameters in a .htacces

Options Indexes
IndexOptions FancyIndexing SuppressHTMLPreamble XHTML IconsAreLinks FoldersFirst NameWidth=* DescriptionWidth=* HTMLTable
HeaderName HEADER.html
ReadmeName FOOTER.html
IndexIgnore FOOTER.html HEADER.html ".."
IndexOptions Charset=UTF-8
AddDescription "Fichier de sommes de contrôle" MD5SUMS
AddDescription "Fichier sources" *

The Icons should be in you icons folder for your virtual host

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