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I have authenticated my web site with Ldap server. Authentication is working fine. Every time i visit the web site, it pop-up's dailog box for user name and password.

Now, I want to authenticate using a FORM instead of dailog box. I want to use AuthType Form option in Apache.

Please do the needful

Thanks shankar Jadapa

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There is no such thing as AuthType Form. It's either Basic or Digest. See the documentation for more details.

You would normally implement form based authentication in your application, with three parts:

  1. A login form for the user to fill out with their username and password.
  2. A page that the form is submitted to that returns a cookie to the browser
  3. A check at the top of every request that checked for that cookie and redirect to the login page if it isn't there.

There is nothing in a standard Apache distribution to do this for you.

Edit: Seems there is a mod_auth_form in Apache 2.3, which isn't released yet.

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