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Supposed local folder as below:

  1. How to exclude .hiddenfolder to be transfer when executing "scp -r test user@ip:/"?

  2. How to include *.htm files only and transfer them to corresponding subfolder on remote server?

  3. Any other commands can do this job more easily?

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I don't think scp alone can do what you ask. You should investigate rsync instead.

I use it for backups with a filter to exclude files with names that don't work on NTFS volumes

# the exclude is to filter out files with invalid names on NTFS
/usr/bin/rsync -rgqoxD --delete --exclude='*[:\?]*' /home/andrewr/src /filer001/syncd/src

you can also pass it the name of a file that contains the files to exclude (--exclude-from=file)

Edit: Here's a sample command line that works for your example:

cd src; find . -type f -name "*.htm" | rsync -av --files-from=- . host:dir
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This is definitely the best way to do it. rsync also uses SSH as a transport, so is more or less equivalent to using scp. – Kamil Kisiel Oct 27 '09 at 4:45

If you already have pre-shared ssh keys, you could first create all the remote directories in the following way:

# get all directories in this tree
for DIR in `find . -type d`
        # create remote directory
        ssh user@host mkdir -p /path/to/start/$DIR
        # copy *only* *.htm files
        scp $DIR/*.htm user@host:/path/to/start/$DIR

I think that's about what you're looking for.

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