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What is the best way to determine what causes a server timeout on a Plesk passworded directory in IIS6? Even if the default page is static text I can get a timeout.

This has worked fine for two years and has only seemed to change after adding a new permitted user.

Occasionally there is success but usually loading is very slow. Where would I look for a problem, as it doesn't seem to be page content causing the issue?

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Server logs are usually a good place to start (Plesk logs if it gives you them). Then, watch the process resource usage when you try to hit the server. Check any router logs between you and the server if you can. Although it might not be useful in this case, Firefox+firebug should give you a nice little webpage loading-time utility that breaks down which things get loaded when.

I'm assuming you've ruled out the usual suspects like network congestion and insufficient memory, etc. Doesn't hurt to state the obvious. Sorry I can't give more than generic suggestions.

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Thanks, yes, I looked at all of those things. It seems specifically due to having added a permitted user to a protected directory –  datatoo Nov 22 '09 at 1:29

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