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Suddenly this morning none of my recording machines can connect to the server. There were no software updates on the client or server side this weekend. It looked like a firewall issue at first, but the connection is being built and the PodPro server is not responding.

Podcast Producer uses a sqlite3 database that lives in /var/pcast/ and it looks from the logs as though this database is locked and not allowing access.

I have tried moving it to a temp location and copying it back to remove any file-level locks but that did not work.

Anyone have experience with Podcast Producer or SQLite out there?

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I can't provide an actual answer, but you could attempt to troubleshoot by copying the DB and trying to open it with some other SQLite client. Firefox has a 'SQLite Manager' extension that can open and examine arbitrary .sqlite files, for example.

Note that I don't recommend opening the original file! Make a copy and work with that as much as possible so that you don't mess with the application's data unintentionally.

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Great advice! Thanks. Good to know about the Firefox extension. I did manage to work around the problem by having Podcast Producer create a fresh DB - simply by renaming the existing database. – Doug Chase Oct 27 '09 at 16:02

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