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Looking for a Nortel VPN client that will run on 64-bit Win7.

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download Nortel vpn client from here – user281400 Apr 13 '15 at 14:27

If the Nortel device is speaking ipsec, the Secure Entry client from NCP will likely work. It's a bit pricey at nearly $150/license, but it has indeed connected to every ipsec vpn that I have tried it against; including Juniper, Cisco, and Netgear. I did need the assistance of the VPN concentrator admin for setting some of them up though.

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Agree about NCP. I don't think any vendor (Cisco, Juniper) are making 64bit IPSEC clients. They are trying to push people to SSL. You can also try the Shrew VPN Client which is free. They don't explicitly say they support Nortel, but it's worth a try. They seem to support everything else.

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If you cant get anything else to work you can try LogmeIn Hamachi (the un-managed version of course), which may work for you since it runs on 64-bit windows (as a 32-bit app).

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