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I'm working in a environment where there are a large variety of legacy client programs. I'm trying to get an idea of which programs use what stored procedures. Is there a way to audit access to a stored procedure without having to modify said procedure? I could figure what each procedure accesses and add audit triggers for the underlying objects, but there are a lot of procedures to examine. Identification of DB user and ideally hostname would be sufficient. I took a peek at the FGA package, but couldn't see how to apply it to procedures.

Disclaimer: I'm not a DBA, so my terminology may be imprecise. Apologies in advance.

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Have you looked at the AUDIT command? There is a provision in the command to audit stored procedures:

AUDIT ALL ON schema.procedure;

You will, of course, need to enable auditing on your database.

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Thanks. I did see AUDIT, but I didn't fully get the meaning of ON schema_object_clause – David J. Liszewski Oct 29 '09 at 1:44

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