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A couple of my users are experience an issue where emails do not arrive in their inboxes. I can track the message on the servers and see a DELIVER event, which I assume means it has gone through to mailbox. The spooky thing is that the email never appears in the Inbox of the user.

I have gone through all the rules on the users' accounts and nothing would account for the messages that do not arrive. I set up forwarding in Exchange (03 and 07 servers), and the emails come through to the forward mailbox. I created a new mailbox for a user and assigned her aliases to mailbox and, thus far, it appears that all messages are going through.

Does anyone have any ideas for troubleshooting this?


[Update] Trying deleting and importing rules following:

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We just had this exact situation the other day and it turned out that the user had a POP3 client running at the same time as Outlook 2007, that would pull off the email before the user saw it in Outlook. This took hours to finally resolve.


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+1 this happens all. the. time. "Pop client? No. Never. Not at all. Well I might have left Thunderbird running at home..." ... faceplant. – David Mackintosh Oct 29 '09 at 3:16

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