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I use "Clonezilla" and the "SystemRescueCD" on a lot of servers and I was wondering if there' s a way to copy the ISO files (from the above tools) into a partition (e.g in every server) and modify grub.conf accordingly so that I could reboot the server and boot from these.

With this, I won't have to have to deal with CD media whenever I want to clone the servers and I could do the cloning much faster as the above tools are going to be booting from a faster device.

Could someone please point me to the right direction?

Thanks, JFA

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I don't know about directly booting to an ISO, but installing SystemRescueCD to a hard drive and booting off it is pretty easy. I suspec this may also be true for Clonezilla, and many other livecds

  • Pop a SystemRescueCD CD into your drive and mount it.
  • Copy the contents of the drive to a folder
    • rsync -a /media/cdrom0/ /boot/sysrcd/
  • Update your grub configuration and configury an entry to boot the SystemRescueCD image from /boot/sysrcd/
    title     SystemRescueCD + docache,dodhcp
    # paths assume /boot is on a seperate partition.
    kernel    /sysrcd/isolinux/rescuecd subdir=sysrcd initrd=/sysrcd/isolinux/initram.igz setkmap=us setkmap=us scandelay=5 docache
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Thanks. I tried your suggestion initially but couldn't make it to work but then I found this URL:… that has it all. – JFA Nov 2 '09 at 16:35

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