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How do I mount a new partition on a removable disk after dd without removing and re-inserting the device?

If I use dd to write an image to a removable device, such as a usb-stick or an sd-card, the partitions on the device might change. When I use "fdisk -l" to list the partitions, the new ones are clearly visible. However, they are not visible when doing "cat /proc/partitions" and I can't mount any of the new partitions.

If I remove and re-insert the device, the partitions are "refreshed" and show up in /proc/partitions. Now it is possible to mount the new partitions. How do I trigger this refresh from a shell prompt without having to remove and re-insert the device?

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If you have parted installed or can install it, you'll get partprobe. Use it like:

partprobe /dev/sdX


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