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I want to know who are the members of some AD group. Which free tool can I use to do this?


I am not an AD admin and I am using Windows XP.

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Try the active directory browser from microsoft:


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I have tried some LDAP browsers and the one which was so easy to use was LDAP brower from LDAPSoft.

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All the tools you need are already on your DCs.

See my previous answer related to this. In your case the command would be similar to this:

dsquery group -name "myGroup" | dsget group -members -expand

PS. The -expand will display the recursive list of members - so if you have a group called anotherGroup that is a member of myGroup, it'll show you all the members of anotherGroup too.

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ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) MMC snap-in is in the ADMINPAK.MSI (Win2003) or RSAT (Win2008), both from Microsoft. LDP.EXE also is a one-EXE in the Support Tools, again MS.

Now. Neither will chase trust "member-of" memberships.

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+1, AD Users and Computers is pretty good. I don't see a reason to need to script this or use any command-line tools based on the original info. –  Darth Melkor Oct 30 '09 at 23:48

I use ldapsearch and Ruby's LDAP modules to search AD for information. You might want to try one of the free LDAP "Editors" like led or LDAP Explorer Tool.

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