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I am looking for a book which can explain pros and cons of different combination of configurations/policies of storage Arrays and may also suggest some best practices for certain scenarios for e.g. when data availability & security is very important. There are a lot of "books for dummy" but they don't go in depth, I am a more of developer so I would like to understand how and why exactly it works beneath policies & configuration settings.

I am working with EMC clarion logical array but I will have to work with EMC Symmetrix or NetApp or any other types of disk arrays.


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I don't know of anything that talks about the underlying technology of particular brands, suchs as NetApp vs EMC.

But System Performance Tuning (Warning: Older but Good, 2002), goes into good detail on the 'ins and outs' of different RAID levels, which is probably one of the most important things to understand on this topic.


I'm not aware of any books that are purely about storage that I'd consider good but I'd love to see some pointers too if anyone has any.

For your Clariion and Symmetrix arrays your best source of information is EMC's Powerlink Website, set up an account and go digging. EMC's whitepapers and technical documents are generally very good but as with everything you should take what any one vendor says about their own kit with a grain of salt. The Netapp Virtualization Effect Blog is a great source of detailed technical info on Netapp products with a very strong emphasis on Virtualized environments (obviously).

The best information you can find is likely to come from the application\OS vendor for the product(s) you are connecting to your SAN. Microsoft have quite a few good documents, especially with regard to SQL and Exchange configuration, VMWare have some interesting documents relating to storage designs for various Virtualization solutions too that are worth a read, as do Oracle.