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I used Windows Server Backup to backup my 640GB boot drive. Only about 30GB is used, and the backup was very fast.

Now I am trying to restore the image to a 500GB hard drive but it is saying that the drive is too small... even though I only had 30GB on the original backup.

How do I overide this and have the restore ignore that I only have a 500GB drive? If I can't, then I can't restore the hard drive with anything except one that is equal to or bigger than the original hard drive - which would be a real bummer.

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Since Server 2008 backup is doing an image based backup it requires you to restore to a disk of equal or greater size. If you need to move to a smaller drive the approach to take is to defrag, shrink the partition, and then restore. If this is a DR situation, get a bigger drive.

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Even choosing partition backup/restore, it is requiring a bigger host drive. Any idea why? –  Jason Nov 9 '09 at 20:37

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