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Does anybody know of a good solution for making a punch/todo list? I do some desktop support for a moderately sized office. However, I've tried setting up a support ticket system, but it's a bit overkill. Any ideas on (windows-based) software that will let me make a simple punch list and easily re-prioritze it? I've tried using Outlook's Tasks but I've frankly never liked them


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I think you should consider setting up a ticket system, or use a hosted one. There is some advantage you get to having a history, integrated wiki for network documentation, and other features that you won't get out of a personal task manager.

I really like using Toodledo for managing my personal todo list.

  • There is a Firefox extension
  • iPhone Application
  • I can create todo items by sending or forwarding an email
  • It can integrate with your Google Calendar
  • You can submit via IM
  • The system has folders, contexts so you can keep multiple todo lists
  • Has levels of priorities that are easily changed. You can set due-dates for a task, and when an item is past due the priority is automatically increased.

ToDoList. Multi-user capable, XML storage format (making it possible to do reporting), hierarchical tasks, lots of fields, customizable UI, very usable with only a keyboard, and actively developed.

Oh, it's free and open source too.

I've been using it for years, it's basically awesome. That and KeePass are two indispensable tools at my company.


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