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I have a batch file ( that ends with .bat), and I want to run it automatically everyday.

What is the tool I can use in order to automate my batch script running?

I'm on Windows.

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I don't think this belongs to -- server admin should definitely know how to run batch scripts automatically. – Graviton Nov 3 '09 at 4:19
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Use the Scheduled Tasks control panel applet (GUI interface) or the schtasks command (command line interface).

Instructions for the Scheduled Tasks applet are found in Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB308569.

Instructions for the schtasks command are available on Microsoft TechNet.

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I have found windows scheduler flakey- jobs dont always start for various obscure reaons - permissions, desktop interactivity and the like. It just didnt click with me as I have never had mastery of this tool.

I have had good luck with cronW through the years and its interface is more like the cron that unix/linux users use to schedule recurring tasks. remember that the search path in cron or schedule is not existant and your jobs always will start in %systemroot% so you need to change dirs etc to get to where you need to execute the command.

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