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I just installed a pxe server, and i'm installing debian with pxe . completely unattended with preseeding.

Now, all my installations come with the same hostname, how I can change the hostname to something different?


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One simple way that comes to mind without setting up things in DHCP.

Assuming there is a web site you can add files to. Place the hostname inside a file based on the Mac. Then retrieve it with wget.


mac=`ifconfig eth0 | grep HWaddr | sed 's/^.*HWaddr //; s/://g'`
wget -O hostname.txt$mac
hostname `cat hostname.txt`

The mac file name would be in lower case with no colon (:) characters.

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Yeah, setting the hostname on preseeded installs is a bit of a pest, because even when you preseed the hostname on the kernel command line, the DNS reverse lookup during DHCP configuration overwrites it and you're stuck with it.

The way I handle it is by building a custom initrd with a local udeb I whipped up, that provides a question you can preseed to the FQDN of the machine.

Alternately, after the install's done just change /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts to the name of the new host and reboot. That's all that's required to effect a name change on a minimal install.

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I do not understant the way you do it, but looks very interesting, can you explain it a little further? And on the second sugestion you just gave me, i understant that i should launch a script at the end of preseed to change the hostname. For example the script goes to a public html where can relate its mac address with a name and set the name on hostname and hosts. Very easy, i like it. Thanks – marc.riera Nov 3 '09 at 12:16

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