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Hi I am going to deploy/host 3.5 website at following server configuration

Intel® Xeon® Processor, 2.00+ GHz 4 GB RAM 350+ GB HDD (usable hard disk space) Windows Server 2008 standard edition Oracle 10g Standard Edition

Please help me for following queries. 1. Best Bandwidth calculator commonly used? any link/ download 1. Can anybody help me to find out required bandwidth? 2. What are the factors effect bandwidth? 3. How ISP play their role for website performance

Thanks in advance

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The best way to determine bandwidth is to measure it. Pull up perfmon and look at your i/o stats. You can do this in a lab environment: run 1000 requests and measure the average bandwidth used. Then scale up to the amount of traffic you expect.

Alternatively, deploy it and do the bandwidth testing live. Call up your favorite colo and tell them that you're installing a new application, but don't know how much bandwidth is required. I bet they will let you run it for a few weeks to measure usage.

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This is a good start and gives you an idea of the various requirements when trying to calculate bandwidth.

After you use a tool like this and do an estimation of the various Internet facing portions of your site be sure to build in a comfortable margin or at least have an understanding how your upstream isp is going to charge you for usage or you could get burned if you have unexpected peaks.

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