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Are the PTR records for IP addresses copyrighted by anyone? For example, WHOIS data is copyrighted by ARIN and other regional registries ( WHOIS data is different than rDNS data, I'm wondering about the rDNS data specifically...

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This isn't really sysadmin related. At the very minimum it should be community wiki. – Zoredache Nov 4 '09 at 5:49

IANAL, but I suspect that copyright could not be applied to a specific record any more than you can copyright a phone number, or an address.

As I understand it, in the US, usually you can not copyright individual facts, but you can copyright a database of facts if the database has some degree of creativity. (Ref)

It is likely that trademarks will cover many of the domain names that are part of a PTR record.

I have no idea why it would matter to you though. If it does you should probably ask a lawyer.

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I'm not sure about copyrighted, but I'd say they're owned by the company that owns the domain.

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