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I'm using apache2.2

How to listen both Ipv6 and Ipv4?


only Ipv6 / only Ipv4

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Apache supports multiple Listen options:


IPv6 addresses must be surrounded in square brackets, as in the following example:

Listen [2001:db8::a00:20ff:fea7:ccea]:80
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What l1x said, plus, this is how you do both in a vhost:

<VirtualHost [2001:470:c083:1::1]:80>

Preferably with your IPs instead of mine :)

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Yeah, rite, if he wants vhosts. – Istvan Nov 4 '09 at 23:15
I don't know when the last time I configured an apache instance that didn't have vhosts was, so I always assume it :) – Bill Weiss Nov 4 '09 at 23:21

When I tried to use two separate Listen directives on a dual-stack host Apache refused to start, with an error like something had already bound on port 80. Surely this is a bug, but I had success by using this:

Listen          "*:80"
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