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I'm looking to rent access to virtual machines for testing of our online services from areas of the world other than North America. Specifically: Australia, Europe, Japan, South America, and wherever else. I'd love to get some recommendations of companies which offer these services. One I'm looking at in the UK is a company called "1&1 Hosting".

They do not have to be Windows VM's but Windows would be preferred as they would allow us to run a larger range of tests.

Thanks for your answers!

Edit1: the VM does not need a static IP nor does it need an included domain name, that is to say these are not requirements.


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What sort of tests are you running? – gekkz Nov 5 '09 at 19:57
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You can check out Anchor for hosting a VPS in AU.


For Europe Amazon EC2 is what you're looking for. There's an option to create a Windows virtual machine in Europe for $0.13 per hour. Create one, run your test, destroy it. Pay only for what you use.


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