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shouldn't win 2003 R2 64bit see more than 4gb by default or am I missing a setting somewhere? hardware is SuperMicro X6DVA-EG.

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That's odd, if it's visible in BIOS and POST, it should work. Can you post a screenshot of taskman with the memory tab? Which version of Windows 2003 are you running? – Jeff Atwood Nov 6 '09 at 7:46

Does the BIOS see it? The supermicro's can be really funny with RAM placement..

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Yes. I can see 8gb in bios and POST. – Mo Nov 6 '09 at 7:02

Make sure the RAM is installed according to the Manual

an interleaved memory scheme is used, you must install two modules at a time, beginning with DIMM #1A, then DIMM #1B, and so on

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eventhough it was a windows 2003 64bit, I ended up adding PAE(physical address extension) to boot for it to see more than 4gb ram.

c:>bootcfg /id 1 /raw PAE

Thanks for everyone's help.

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