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I have some CentOS 5.x servers which auto-update nightly via yum.

Root mailboxes from these hosts are forwarded to a central address, so if new updates are installed I can see that in the e-mails. This is not a very flexible solution...

Is there an open-source solution to follow either YUM updates or RPM installations centrally? Like a database that would collect the update history and make it available via a single web service.

RHEL & up2date provides an on-line solution for this IIRC, but is there anything for the free RHEL derived distros?

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nightly? wow - that's mighty frequent! – warren Dec 3 '09 at 12:42
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You need Spacewalk.

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cheers, I knew there was something out there. – mikkoko Nov 9 '09 at 7:25
Do note that Spacewalk does require an RHN agent rather than using simple yum, and these agents can be somewhat hefty to deploy in a larger CentOS environment. – jgoldschrafe Jan 25 '12 at 19:45

Pulp is the latest solution from Redhat for this purpose.

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You can read YUM's log file with syslog-ng and then send it to a central log server.

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