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In our company iis 5.1 in developer's machine(windows xp) is configured in such way that it will not accept any requests other than localhost or That means if I have a default.htm in page in the root, I can only access this as http://localhost/default.htm or If access this site as http:///default.htm, I will get http 403.6 IP address rejected error. I understnd this is done so that websites in a developer machine cannot be accessed from any other machine with in the company.

I would like to know how to configure IIS5.1 like this?

Thanks in advance.

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Change the IP of the default binding of the website from "*" to "". Since localhost resolves to, it's also covered.

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Right click the website you are configuring. Go to properties, and open the directory security tab. There is a section called IP address and domain name restrictions. Click Edit. Change the 'By default, allow all computers will be: Granted Access to Denied Access. then, add to the Except the following: list.

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