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I've installed TFS 2008 and along with that came WSS (Sharepoint) 3.0. The server is located in a DMZ and has a hostname of "SVTFS". When the clients access it from the outside they use the fully qualified name "".

Now, is for the front page of the WSS server and it redirects to http://SVTFS/default.aspx. The SVTFS name is of course not accessible from outside the DMZ.

If I type it loads just fine.

It's the same problem with project sites: redirects to http://svtfs/sites/MyProject/default.aspx giving the user a DNS error.

Also, reports in the project pages tries to find the reporting server on http://svtfs/.

Anyone know how I can make WSS redirect to and use the fully qualified name instead of the local hostname?

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Figured it out. I had to open SP Central Administration > Operations > Alternate Access Mappings and add the internet URL of in addition to of http://svtfs/

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I had the same problem. You could do with making the question more generic, it took a bit of finding.

Walkthrough: Setting up Team Foundation Server with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and an ISAPI Filter provides step-by-step instructions and includes a section on alternate access mapping.

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Yeah, perhaps it could be made more generic. I don't have any good ones now, maybe you have a suggestion so that I could edit it to be easier to find for others? – henriksen Nov 16 '09 at 14:46

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