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Trying to get DNSSEC working for zone.

Software: BIND 9.4.2-P2, OS Ubuntu 8.04

Tried to sign zone using ZoneSigner and publish that to, but it complains about key missing. Key shows when using dig dnskey . Domain is

Exact error message

3.138:DEBUG RUN GET_ADDRESSES: Sending a recursive query for A
3.532:DEBUG RUN GET_ADDRESSES: Got response for recursive query A NOERRO R
3.533:DEBUG RUN GET_ADDRESSES: Caching address for =>
3.725:DEBUG RUN: Enqueued query 7 to for DNSKEY
3.725:DEBUG RUN: Got activity for 2, from
3.725:DEBUG RUN: Got referral
3.726:DEBUG RUN: 1800 IN NS
3.727:DEBUG RUN: Already have queued
3.727:DEBUG RUN: Got activity for 3, from
3.727:DEBUG RUN: Got referral
3.728:DEBUG RUN: 1800 IN NS
3.729:DEBUG RUN: Already have queued
3.729:DEBUG RUN: Got activity for 4, from
3.729:DEBUG RUN: Got referral
3.730:DEBUG RUN: 1800 IN NS
3.730:DEBUG RUN: Already have queued
3.730:DEBUG RUN: Got activity for 5, from
3.730:DEBUG RUN: Got referral
3.731:DEBUG RUN: 1800 IN NS
3.732:DEBUG RUN: Already have queued
3.732:DEBUG RUN: Got activity for 6, from
3.732:DEBUG RUN: Got referral
3.733:DEBUG RUN: 1800 IN NS
3.733:DEBUG RUN: Already have queued
4.223:DEBUG RUN: Got activity for 7, from
4.223:DEBUG RUN: Found answer from
4.227:SUCCESS answered DNSKEY query with rcode NOERROR
4.227:INFO Total answers: 1
4.228:SUCCESS All DNSKEY responses are identical.
4.236:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Checking tag=32656 flags=257 alg=RSASHA1 AwEAAcAo...Qbb+6aKYw8=
4.236:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Accepted key.
4.237:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Checking tag=58348 flags=257 alg=RSASHA1 AwEAAZbV...HzR2UTmRw0=
4.237:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Ignoring key.
4.237:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Checking tag=41748 flags=256 alg=RSASHA1 AwEAAeJC...u4rnFt63+RV
4.238:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Ignoring key.
4.238:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Checking tag=64185 flags=256 alg=RSASHA1 AwEAAZ/S...x8pRgin/Vq5
4.238:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Ignoring key.
4.238:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Checking tag=21258 flags=256 alg=RSASHA1 AwEAAdlD...3Nv3HgYux4D
4.238:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Ignoring key.
4.239:INFO VERIFY-DNSKEY: 1 keys found after filtering.
4.239:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Using keys:
4.239:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: tag=32656 flags=257 alg=RSASHA1 AwEAAcAo...Qbb+6aKYw8=
4.239:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: To verify rrset type DNSKEY
4.242:FAILURE DNSKEY signature verification failed: Signing key not found
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please quote the exact error message from the DLV website – Alnitak Nov 8 '09 at 3:05
published exact erro message – Kristaps Nov 8 '09 at 13:02
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It looks like you've tried to add a KSK with id=32656 to DLV, but you only signed the zone with KSK 58348.

You need to either add the correct key to DLV (id=58348) or use id=32656 to sign the DNSKEY RRSET.

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