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I'm running a postfix machine with courier on it. I did a lsof -i and I got the following

famd      1437     root    3u  IPv4   3916       TCP localhost.localdomain:webster (LISTEN)

Does anybody know what's famd and webster? I dont recall seeing this before.


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famd is the File Access Modification Daemon, described as "FAM monitors files and directories, notifying interested applications of changes."

As far as the port goes, sometimes ports get used by different applications. webster is just the network dictionary, which isn't widely used; you're just seeing it because your /etc/services has webster listed for port 765 instead of fam.

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famd is a daemon that watches filesystems for access and modifications. It's a more generic cross-platform implementation of a scheme similar to inotify.

It uses a TCP socket to communicate with other programs that set watches on it, as well as remote machines that want to set up watches on NFS shares.

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