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I'm running Asterisk, DAHDI, and libpri on Ubuntu with a Digium TE122 PRI card connected to my PRI.

I have an extension setup so that managers can monitor calls:

# grep 9900 /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
exten => 9900,1,DAHDIScan()
exten => 9900,2,Hangup

For whatever reason, this no longer works. It's not often used, so I don't even know when it stopped working. But now whenever I dial 9900, I just get dead air. The * key works to terminate the call, so I assume the # key is cycling through channels - but even if there's a few calls going on, I get no audio from this extension.

Calling 9900 yields this log message:

Executing [9900@from-sip-internal:1] DAHDIScan("SIP/7007-08479148", "") in new stack

But switching channels shows nothing.

Documentation on DAHDIScan() or its predecessor ZapScan() is extremely sparse. How do I track this down?

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It appears that DAHDIScan() is being deprecated by neglect. I contacted Digium support and was pointed at ChanSpy() to fulfill the same niche. My new extension 9900 works like a charm:

exten => 9900,1,ChanSpy(SIP)  
exten => 9900,2,Hangup
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