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I installed the TLS as described on this page and verified that the package is installed.

I restarted the Apache server, logged in to BugZilla as admin and went to Administration -> Parameters -> Email.

I can't see the option for SMTP::TLS under mail_delivery_method as described in the article linked above. How do I enable this option?

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For anyone trying to set up Bugzilla's email feature to use Gmail on a windows machine, I just spent two and a half days at work with dawood's solution, to no avail. My machine is running 64 bit Windows 7, And I eventually did find a solution, skip to the third paragraph for that. Here's why Dawood's solution won't work for most windows users:

Chances are, if you installed Bugzilla the by following the (awesome) tutorials, you installed ActivePerl. The Email::Send::SMTP::TLS perl package that Dawood's solution revolves around depends upon an Email::SMTP::TLS::ButMaintained package, which, in turn, depends upon a Net::SSLeay package. (This is why, even after following Dawood's instructions and modifying, no "SMTP::TLS" option appears in the drop down list. The dependencies aren't resolved.) The trouble is, Net::SSLeay will only install if it is compiled with THE SAME compiler you used to compile Perl. In addition, The documentation says: "Please do not even dream of copying a perl binary or installing perl binary from a package." Oh... whoops... ActivePerl is binary installed from a package. Since that won't work, here's what will.

To configure Bugzilla to send mail through Gmail's smtp server:

  1. Download Glob's sendmail wrapper for windows at, and unzip
  2. copy sendmail.exe and sendmail.ini to \usr\lib on the drive where the unix application is installed. So if Bugzilla is installed at C:\Bugzilla, create a 'usr' folder at the root level of the C: drive, with a 'lib' folder within that.
  3. open up sendmail.ini.
  4. within sendmail.ini copy and paste these values on the appropriate lines:
    • smtp_ssl=tls
    • auth_username=<INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE>
    • auth_password=<INSERT YOUR PASSWORD HERE>
    • if your gmail server runs on a specific domain, make sure to uncomment and fill in the default_domain parameter.
  5. now go to the Administration tab in Bugzilla, and select Parameters
  6. Choose Email from the sidebar on the left.
  7. In the pulldown menu under mail_delivery_method, select Sendmail.
  8. You're done! Bugzilla will send email through gmail's smtp server.
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Actually I was able to complete the instructions on dawood's website by installing the TLS module using CPAN. I've submitted an answer to this question. – aiham Dec 8 '12 at 11:19
same as Jesse's answer but copy all dll files along with ini and exe from package – user1017344 May 26 '15 at 18:58

Actually I was able to use dawood's method to send email from Windows.

I installed ActivePerl 5.16.1 32bit on Windows 7 64bit and used CPAN to install the Email::Send::SMTP::TLS module. From command line open cpan:


Then from within cpan, install the module:

cpan> install Email::Send::SMTP::TLS

Which should automatically install the dependency Net::SMTP::TLS::ButMaintained. Although Net::SSLeay was not installed, email still worked fine so I assume it's not a dependency anymore.

I then followed dawood's instructions to modify the file. It has worked fine.

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Add the following line in and you should be able to see SMTP::TLS in the drop down list.

use Email::Send::SMTP::TLS;
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If we install Net::SMTP::TLS, we can see SMTP::TLS under mail_ delivery_method

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This did the trick for me:

./ Email::Send::SMTP::TLS
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