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What methods are available for dealing with spam on a shared webserver? It's a CPanel server and I'm bashing my head against trying to prevent people from being able to get an account, then start sending spam.

So far, I've tried using the built in hourly limit to emails (didn't work, set the limit to 20, sent myself 25 emails using mail(), and all went through), and that's really it.

Is there any clean solution to this? I haven't been able to find one online.

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What kind of shared webserver is this? Do you have control over who can create accounts? Who is sending spam - real users or someone else from the internets using this to relay spam?

Using 'mail()' may not be enough to test this because it delivers the e-mails to the MTA in a different way than an SMTP client would, and your hourly restriction may be applying to only SMTP connections, not to local delivers.

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We are seeing users creating accounts and paying for them with stolen information. It's not being used as a relay, but they upload massmailer scripts and run them until we catch them. If testing with mail doesn't work, what's the point of the limits? The spammers seem to be using this to send spam. – devicenull Nov 10 '09 at 6:08

Try spamassassin. It's configurable by account, trainable, you can set the scoring.

There is NO perfect solution to spam.

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