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mod_wsgi processes seems to be lazily started i.e. on request. However, I prefer to start all the processes from the beginning because the process start up time is long. Is there a configuration option for this? or a way around it?

Here is the process configuration in case it was relevant:

WSGIDaemonProcess myapp user=user group=user processes=30 threads=1
WSGIProcessGroup myapp

Note: I'm running multiple processes each with one thread in daemon mode. apache is compiled with MPM worker


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You might well find that the delay isn't the time taking to spin-up the processes per se. But instead the time it takes for them to load and start delivering your app.

You can use the WSGIImportScript directive to preload processes. Which may in turn negate the delays you're seeing.

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Thanks you Dan! – Mark Nov 11 '09 at 16:19

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