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I've got a website that is exhibiting slow performance on the first load and would like to attempt to load it every 5 minutes or so to keep the cache fresh. Are there any simple tools to accomplish this? Scheduled tasks doesn't have quite the time resolution I need. The tricky thing is that this site uses Windows authentication so a wget script won't work. I'm also worried about instantiating a bunch of copies of internet explorer or attempting to kill iexplore.exe tasks blindly.

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You haven't said what webserver you're using. If it's current IIS you could try Application WarmUp. If it's something else, you could look for similar server-side tools.

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WebInject should do the trick - you can run it from a command line script and it should handle the username / password input.

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but I don't know what is the windows authentication and if it works with firefox

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Are you sure you're using "windows" authentication rather than just standard http basic auth?

you could try

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Yep I'm sure. Oh well. – Luke Jan 4 '10 at 23:54

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