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I have an OpenBSD 4.5 on a virtual machine. I configured the net and my machine can connect to the OpenBSD FTP repository in Canada ( correctly. But when I execute this line:

*pkg_add -v subversion-1.5.5*

Occurs this error:

Unknown element: @sha FTlY/mreDMe9nRNLR5+fSIIZWMnivjO0p83rQLSL6F0= in SCALAR(0x7deeda80), at /usr/libdata/perl5/OpenBSD/ line 301, line 7.

Does anybody know why I cannot install this package?

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I've seen this happen when using packages from a different version to the OS.

The kernel, userland and packages must all be from the same version.

Which includes not mixing between -RELEASE and -CURRENT (CVS HEAD or snapshots).

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Ohhh!!! Your answer is correct. I installed the OpenBSD 4.4 version and I'm trying to install the subversion package for 4.5 version. Sorry, I suppose this is a very newbie user. – jaloplo Nov 13 '09 at 18:55

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