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I have an instance of a the FLATFILECONSUMER cron task that is not picking up files. I can manually import the files but that's not fun.

Class: psdi.iface.load.LoadFlatFileCronTask
Access Level: FULL
Cron Task Instance Name: MyCoolTask
Schedule: 30s,,,,,,,,,*
Run as User: MAXADMIN
Active? X
Keep History? X
Max Number of History Records: 1,000
ISFILEEXTRACT: 1 (I have tried this set to 0, it doesn't seem to make a difference.)
TARGETENABLED: 1 (I have tried this set to 0, it doesn't seem to make a difference.)

This cron task shows up in the logs.

11/11/09 15:27:12:988 MST 00000047 SystemOut O 11 Nov 2009 15:27:12:988 INFO BMXAA6372I - Host name: Server name: MXServer. Cron task name: FLATFILECONSUMER.MyCoolTask. Last run: 2009-11-11 14:52:03.0

11/11/09 15:27:13:003 MST 0000007d SystemOut O 11 Nov 2009 15:27:13:003 INFO Flat file polling task::FLATFILECONSUMER.MyCoolTask started for folder:C:\work\COM\MAXIMOFILES\

But that is. No error. No other info. And the records never show up in the table. I have changed the logger to DEBUG and still nothing useful in the log file.

Any ideas?

I would add a MAXIMO tag but I'm not that cool here.

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Set TARGETENABLED to 0 and restart Maximo.

If you have DEBUG logging enabled on the maximo.integration logger, you should start seeing "FLAT file cron task::cronAction called" messages every 30 seconds.

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The issue was in the files I wanted Maximo to import. Files for Maximo to import using a cron task MUST have an extension. I had files called data, data2, data3.

To make it work:

Make the changes Joe suggested.
Delete the files with out an extension.
Restart the application server (JVM).
Rename my files to:,, data.anythingYouCanThinkOf
Move the renamed files into the pick up directory.

Sit back and enjoy.

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