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I have a web server with apache 2.0 installed. It comes with Zend Server install pack. When I’m trying to debug my php files apache serves a blank page with 503 service unavailable. Of course slow server-side code is tying up Apache requests for far too long, but I need it to wait, until my debugging comes to end. How can I solve this problem.

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Is it timing out before displaying the error, or is the 503 error coming up right away? Try adding a set_time_limit() command at the beginning of your script to see if that gives it time to finish. I think the default timeout is only 30 seconds.

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Thanks, Ryan. When I call to page from a browser it launches ZendStudio debugging my PHP script (request redirects Zend Debugger module). I debug through my script and if I finish debugging in 120 seconds, I normally return to browser. When it takes more than 120 seconds browser displays 503 503 service unavailable and I can't return to page output. I have even forced 'max_execution_time = 300' 'max_input_time = 600' in php.ini and 'TimeOut = 500' in httpd.conf. No matter it is Opera, IE of Firefox. Spent two days googling it, no right answer till now. Sergey. – user25932 Nov 13 '09 at 8:42
@Ryan Hamilton: The right command to remove timeout is set_time_limit(0); – Fred Wuerges Dec 13 '12 at 1:22

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