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i tried the manual, but cant find how/if i can set it to answer single ip for all queries.

anyone tried any of these? which one works?

or any other smaller, secure bind alternatives?


nb. nsd:

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Try my evldns server framework.

There's an example program in that which always returns the same IP address for any IN A query.

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i'm no programmer. any ready to use binary i can try? tnx – Nov 16 '09 at 8:00
Sorry, no, it's a framework, not a ready-to-run DNS server. However if you're running Linux it's pretty easy to build. – Alnitak Nov 16 '09 at 9:53
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ok i found it.

here how it goes with nsd:

add this to nsd.conf:

    name: "."
    zonefile: ""
    provide-xfr: NOKEY
    provide-xfr: ::0/0 NOKEY

then create and fill it with:

@    IN     SOA  @ none. ( 11 1D 1H 1W 3H );
     IN     NS   @
     IN     A


nsdc rebuild
nsdc reload

nb. you need to rebuild and reload everytime you change your zone file.

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