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When I installed MySQL server in Windows, there was an option "Allow root connection from remote machine". I checked that option and I had no probs when using it. I installed MySQL server in Ubuntu 9.04 using apt-get install. I can connect to the sql server from the same machine but when I try to connect from a virtual machine, it doesn't work. My guess is that I should allow root connection from remote machine. How to do that?

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I think you mean MySQL? – squillman Nov 14 '09 at 4:52
yep. MySql. sorry, my bad. Updated now. :) – Senthil Kumar Nov 14 '09 at 5:06

It's done a little differently in mysql. Take a look at the explanation here, it's not bad:

the long, detailed version can be found here:

Another viable option if you don't wish to learn the full syntax is to install phpmyadmin - it can be a handy tool to have around, and it does somewhat simplify mysql privledges. It's in the apt repository on ubuntu - be warned though that it is a web based application, and does require a web server to be installed to use it.

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