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I have a win7 VM running in VMWare Server that I built from scratch. I wanted to use this VM as a baseline and use Converter to clone it. However while using the Converter tool, it says it can't find sysprep. I need to be able to reconfigure the SID and machine name, etc. How can I accomplish this?

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You need to download the newest converter 4.3 which now supports Windows 7 OS. Great article here: Windows 7 - vCenter converter

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You just basically need to download sysprep and tell VMware convertor where it is on the guest system. It's a pretty straightforward process. More detailed instructions are easily google-able, but here's one for you:

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i've used that process successfully in the past for Win2k3. This question refers specifically to Win7, as the documentation at… doesn't mention win7 and leads one to believe that sysprep capabilities should be built-in, since it says as much for Vista and Win2k8 – kenwarner Nov 14 '09 at 23:37

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