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I am going through a setup of thinstation and i am in a situation where i need to add a custom DHCP record so when i computer starts up it knows where the TFTPD server when it gets DHCP.

I've had a snoop around and i cant seem to see the ability to add a custom record, is there a way to do this on windows?

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  • Open up the DHCP management console under administrative tools
  • If your DHCP server isn't listed then add it
  • If the server was listed you may need to double click on it to get windows to establish the connection to the DHCP server
  • Right-click on the server name
  • If you need to add a vendor/user class then:
    • Choose 'Define Vendor Class' or 'Define User Class'
  • Else Choose 'Predefined Options and Values'
    • Add any options/values you need.
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Have you tried using DHCP option 150 (tftp-server)? It looks to be a tentative assignment so not entirely sure what the support for this option is. Have a shot, anyway.

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