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I am come across a big problem. Whenever somebody tries to access the site, it says “server is taking too long time for responding”. I don’t know either it is a network problem or server problem or code problem or etc...

How can this issue be resolved?


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Hire a professional to do an analysis. This is way too broad for a Q&A site - we do not teach the basics of server administration here - and you do not even have enough knowledge (even as a programmer) to give us baseline parameters (like how powerfull the server is, what language you use etc.). I Hope you are a total beginner, otherwise I would be ashamed to call you a fellow programmer. –  TomTom Mar 20 at 6:27

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I've written a lengthy article on tracking down performance problems: http://www.anchor.com.au/hosting/development/HuntingThePerformanceWumpus


Use any performance testing tool to analyze where the actual problem is.

Web Page Analyzer

Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools

Performance test tools


Need more information. Physical/virtual server? Server specs? (i.e. memory/processor/etc.) IIS? Apache? Other? Is there a data-tier involved? In other words do you have SQL Server or some other database platform installed on the webserver as well? If not configured correctly up front, SQL Server will suck up all available memory and if this is a busy web server you may have issues.